Life Recap: Where To Begin?!

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Its been quite a while since I've really spent time writing about what is going on in our lives and about the kids, and it kills me because so much has happened! I feel so guilty and sad that the small anecdotal stories I would have written about have slipped through the cracks and forgotten, but there is no changing the past, right?

I suppose I should just pick up where I left off and fill you in on our lives!

Alex just turned sixteen; how is that even possible!  Summer vacation just started last week, which means she is now a rising Junior in high school. I swear, I feel like I was a Junior just a few months ago!  She's been volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club whenever her school schedule allows her some extra time, and now that she's of working age, she is supposed to be applying to work there this summer. She has her driver's permit, and if I made the effort to drive her around a bit more, she would probably have her license in no time! Travel and language is her passion, and she's saving every penny she earns to do something with travel, someday! She loves talking about the future and all of the uncertainty it holds, and she's got such a great head on her shoulders. I know she is going to have an amazing life with whatever she decides to pursue. She seems to be very open to my advise about life (or at least is really good at pretending, lol!), and I hope I can help her with whatever she decides to do in life.

Lance will be fourteen this summer, and despite having two younger children, I still consider him "the baby." That is a hard title to shake when he was "the baby" for ten years! And now, my baby boy is much taller than me (5'9 to my 5'1), and will be starting high school this year. He plays football (normally defensive end, not that I understand football at all haha), and he plays the tenor sax in band.  He will be starting ROTC this school year and will be dabbling in as many vocational classes as he can get in to. He's not quite certain what he wants to do in the future either, but he's leaning towards something in the automotive field (cars are his passion). I stress to him no matter what field he goes towards, be as educated as possible, take business classes, and rock it! He eventually wants to own land down in Louisiana and finally become the country boy that he is deep in his heart, but I told him he sadly doesn't have anything he will be inheriting from us property wise; he will have to bust his ass to make the life he wants for himself. "Work hard, play hard" is the mantra I drill into his head every day.  He seems to take my words to heart, like his big sister does.

Arya will be four this week. She is definitely the life of the party, the ring leader in my in-home daycare, sassy, yet very sensitive and a big snuggle bug. Daddy started the terrible habit of "scooping her up" and putting her in our bed (after I was adamant about being done with co-sleeping once she stopped nursing overnight), and now my room is her room; my bed is her bed.  It actually works out because Big Lance is deployed, and Liam is transitioning to sharing a room with Arya, and its just easier for me to "share" a room with this silly girl until Liam adapts. She loves princesses, dressing up (she wears a tiara and about five million bracelets daily), ballet and swim lessons, and all of her friends and her family. She's just a big ball of girly, silly love!

Liam, the fourth and final of our brood, turned two in March, right about the same time that Lance went on deployment.  I always teased that because he's my last child, I will always baby him and let him live with me until the day we die holding hands. OMG I wish I never teased about that! My three older kids were a breeze as babies and toddlers, but holy smokes, Batman! Liam is really putting me through the ringer!  Over the past month or two he really has tamed his neediness quite a bit, but he is such a mama's boy and always needs me to "take." Despite all of my complaining, he is just the cutest thing ever, and I love him to pieces! He is completely obsessed with Transformers ("more-mers") and cars, and he has a Saints Mickey Mouse blanket that must be with him at all times. He is the baby in a house full of mostly big people, so this little guy (and Arya, as well), gets so much love, attention, and is easily spoiled!

Then there's Lance and I! Things are going great, just always busy "doing life."  Lance is deployed, and this might be his last deployment ever?? We shall see! He's at the tail end of his naval career, and is a few classes shy from his bachelors. His goal is to get close to having his Master's degree before retiring, which is coming up so quickly!

I'm still doing in-home daycare, as well as trying to grow my Etsy shop. I have no idea what the future holds for either of those once we retire/move, so I'm just trying to kick ass in both and trust that things will fall into place whenever we end up transitioning into the civilian life. My biggest goal until then is save money, pay off debts, and grow/improve my businesses in case I choose to keep doing those.

The only other family update is a sad one. Zeus passed away last August, but it was as peaceful and beautiful goodbye as it could be.  He was almost eleven (which is very old for a Great Dane), and he started showing the signs that he was ready to move on. He didn't get sick or wasn't in any pain that we can tell; it was simply his time. We spent one more afternoon loving and doting on him and then Lance took the big kids to the vet for the final goodbye.  Suki is still my little piggy and still scrounging for crumbs after meal time (we call her Roomba!), and she is mildly tolerant of the newest addition to our family; Albus, the psycho Great Dane puppy. Albus will turn one on the Fourth of July, and that dog is ALL PUPPY! He drives us absolutely crazy, and he reminds me of why God made puppies so adorable - so people would forget how much work they are!

So there you are; our current life in a nutshell.

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