Its Been A While

5:34 PM

Dear Blog,

I'm very sorry I haven't written you in quite a while.  I didn't mean to lose touch with you... I have no excuses other than I've been very busy.  I know its a sad reason to have been MIA for so long, and believe me, I've been feeling so guilty about it.  

The truth is, I think about you all the time.  At least once a week you cross my mind, and a smile crosses my face, but then the self-reproach kicks in and I feel too shamed to reach out to you and say a simple hello because its been so long.  Then more time lapses, the guilt chasm widens, and this terrible cycle that I've trapped myself in seems more and more impossible to escape.  

I guess what I'm trying to say is, will you forgive me?  My distance was not ill-willed - time has slipped past me so quickly and being engrossed in my day-to-day life has lead me to this point with you.  If its ok with you, I'd like for us to catch up; there has been so much going on that I can't wait to share with you!  I miss talking about the little things in life with you, and Alex keeps asking when I'll write you again.  She loves looking over old pictures and reminiscing, and we haven't given her (or anyone who visits for that matter) anything new to read about!

I promise to carve out more time with you from here on forward, even if its just for a quick "hello!"  Since we have so much to catch up on from the past few months years, I'll just make sure when I write to you about things from a while ago, I'll date my letter to the appropriate time frame (for chronology's sake), but notate somehow that I've written the letter long after its official "post date," just so we all know that if I'm lacking in details, its because I'm trying to recall the particulars that may have slipped my mind.

Anywho... I won't keep you any longer for now.  I promise I'll write you again very, very soon!


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