Happy One Month Birthday Liam!

11:13 PM

Today is my sweet baby boy's one month birthday! He is already grown SO much, and while I'm very blessed to have such a healthy and happy baby, it makes me sad seeing him grow so quickly already.  

He is my last baby, and every now and again that thought will creep into my head and remind me that this will be my last such-and-such milestone, such as my last one month birthday.  

However, days like today, where he's absolutely refused to be put down at all, makes that mushy nostalgic mama get a dose of reality that having babies around forever would drive me to the mental ward!

Regardless, he's so stinkin' precious, and I love him so incredibly fiercely.  

Happy One Month Day, Liam! 

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  2. Happy one month birthday! so cute! I'm pregnant and will be Mom in March. God bless my baby!! Crebobble


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