Happy Halloween 2013!

11:34 PM

Happy Halloween everyone! Especially Arya, since this is her first!

Alex finishing off Arya's costume with a little black nose

Yesterday when I had a few minutes of quiet timeI finished making the girls' costumes.  Not only were they incredibly adorable, but the costumes were dirt cheap!

We are going to Disney World in a little over a month (YYAAAAYYYYYY!!!), and a few weeks ago I had a local girl make Mickey/Minnie beanies for the kiddos for the trip.  Alex and I saw the potential for the cutest costumes, so I made matching tutus with white buttons glued on for polka dots, and that was it!

Aren't they stinkin' precious?  Alex is so obsessed with her new sister, so she was very excited to match her

Unfortunately, Lance Jr found himself in a decent bit of trouble and was busy with football practice (his coach actually told the team "screw Halloween," but thats a whole 'nother story), so he did not Trick-or-Treat this year.  He did pass out candy wearing his uniform which made him pretty happy.  That kid is the easiest person to please!

Me and the Love Bug after Alex dropped her back off at home after a few minutes of Trick-or-Treating (read: showing her off to her friends)

Regardless, she seems to have partied 'til she pooped!


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