Arya Gets Her Ears Pierced

8:19 AM

When Alex was a baby, I was obsessed with getting her ears pierced.  I was literally counting down the days until she hit two months old, which is when I was told I could get them done.  Sure enough, at exactly two months on the dot I was at the mall with my hole-less baby.

For some peculiar reason, I haven't had that urge with Arya.  I haven't even really thought about when to do her ears (not that I now object to infant piercing).  It just wasn't a priority to me yet.  Lance, however, has been the obsessive one this time! He has been asking about once a week about when we can do her ears, lol.

Yesterday Lance Jr had an away football game, and on the way back home is the mall we go to when we leave the island.  Since we happened to be in the area, Lance said we might as well eat lunch at the mall *winkwink* *nudgenudge*

As much as he wanted this done, he didn't want to have anything to do with the process.  He insisted he couldn't watch her cry and would wait outside, but I coaxed him into being our photographer.  As much as this video breaks my heart, its just too cute as well! She cried for maybe a little over a minute - once the initial pain was over, she was all better and all smiles again :)

On a side note, about an hour after this, Arya gave her first "baby kiss"!  I went to kiss her, and she opened her mouth wide for me!  She does it over and over again so it definitely wasn't a fluke! Baby kisses just make my heart melt... One of my absolute favorite things in life!

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