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10:23 PM

Today was our specialized ultrasound appointment.  My regular OB-GYN picked up some slightly elevated results on my quad-screening, and he suggested that we get a Level 2 ultrasound at a hospital outside of Seattle.

Good news is - the doctor today was very confident that everything looks just fine and normal! Of course, he couldn't guarantee anything without an amniocentesis, but the risk is just not worth it to Lance and I.  The baby is not in any physical danger, and we didn't see the need for any further testing when ultimately, we would do nothing differently with the pregnancy anyhow.

On to the fun stuff!  For years when I would daydream about any future babies, I would imagine how much fun it would be to have this next one be a surprise gender.  Lance really wanted to know, and truth be told, I'm an extremely impatient person, and I don't think I would have been able to hold out not knowing.  So, without further ado, watch this video to find out what we are having!

For the sake of full disclosure, I just have to tell you that Lance is acting the entire time.  Towards the end of the video, you can clearly see I'm just at a loss for words and don't even know how to proceed with my "magical reveal" video, and the rest of the night I was mad at him.  Thats Lance, though... my little actor.  He is truly excited about the gender, I assure you :)

And finally, the below video is what Big Lance took today during the ultrasound.  Its über long and I'm  posting this mainly for the grandmas on the other side of the country, so there's no obligation to watch the nearly 18 minute video :P

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