Weekly Roundup

7:15 AM

We've not only been busy with holiday stuff... but slowly packing up the house.  What a chore!!

Alex has started the process of getting braces! Last week I took her to get impressions and pictures, and I had to snag a few of my own :)

Ok, I swear this picture has nothing to do with my new pregnancy... but it sure looks like it does!

My dude sleeping <3 p="">

Two nights ago we drove around to look at Christmas lights, and with our annual tradition, we stopped by Starbucks first to get warm drinks and the kids a holiday cookie.  They might not have tasted the best, but the snowman cookie sure was cute!

We went to the King Tut exhibit over the weekend, and we had so much fun! That will be for another post though :)

And finally, this just cracks me up... "Home of the Dingleberry!" I have yet to have a Dingleberry, but soon, my love, soon...

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