Weekly Roundup

6:52 PM

This week...

I had to brag to Lance that I went to the local Greek place to get a gyro for lunch...

meanwhile, I forgot to pack the condiments for his lunch at work 
(he's a MAJOR sauce man... so major deal)

Lance's dad sent his Christmas package and we got it this week.  He already knew he was getting a sword (his dad collects swords) and he figured he'd open it early since there was no surprise to spoil.  Well... guess who is obsessed with Daddy's new Braveheart sword??  Lance Jr has been carrying this thing around everywhere, and has even put it to use, as you can see...

There's this crazy house that seems to purchase every inflatable decoration in Washington State.  We have to drive by it each year :)

Ok, this was creepy... I work at a bank, and I had a customer come through the drive-thru (our drive-thru is the kind that you send the tube and see the other person via a monitor, not a window).  Anyhow, this elderly gentleman had his little deposit, and this slip of paper attached to the back.... freaky!!  I sent it back to him with his receipt and didn't mention it, but I did look to make sure there was no kidnapper in the back of his car.  This was so bizarre, I just had to take a picture.

Last, but absolutely not least!! Probably my favorite picture of all time!  Lance's school had a Winter Wonderland on Friday, so we went by for a few minutes.  There's not much to do other than a few crafts and ring toss, stuff like that, but face painting is always such a hit at these things.  Some of the boys must have started a trend earlier, because nearly all of them had some version of a mustache or goatee, and yet my studly son had to up the ante and make his 'stache a festive one - everyone loved it!

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