Perfect Date Night!

6:57 PM

Last night I had the most amazing date night ever with Lance! The two of us don't get out alone very often, and last night was such a great catch-up date with my honey!

We got to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the first time, and we've decided we absolutely will be taking the kids next year.  It was such a great show, and I think it was the perfect weekend to watch it too! What an amazing way to start off the holiday season!

We took a few videos with my phone, but only one turned out.  Luckily, it was the one that mattered!  Probably my favorite Christmas song ever!

We had dinner reservations a few hours after the show ended, so we just meandered around downtown Seattle and enjoyed the absolutely perfect evening.  I'm telling you, the night could not have been better!  We didn't really take too many pictures because all I brought was my phone, but here are a few.

A horrible picture of us, but the only one that came close to "turning out."

The Space Needle

Pacific Science Center - we'll be back soon to visit the King Tut exhibit!

After walking around on such an enchanting night, we went to a Brazilian barbecue restaurant called Novilhos.   Such amazing food!  And such a perfect night out :)

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