Our Biggest News Of The Decade!

11:09 AM

Somehow we've been keeping this news on the down-low for a while now, but now its time to come public...


Shocking news to pretty much everyone but my sister, especially considering that our kids are 9 and 11!  Lance and I have know we wanted to add to our family (and I've never felt "done"), but we finally decided a year ago that we should try for another.

May I introduce you to Potat (a loving, strange nickname my mother-in-law called the kiddos when they were babies, now passed down to the newest Baby Nugget):

We are due to have the baby on June 19, 2013, which is pretty fantastic because that means I get to be home with all three (wow!) of my kids during the summer.  Aside from still almost not believing that I'm pregnant, we are busy trying to figure out our new housing arrangements and finishing sharing the news.

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