Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!  Hope it was a great one for you! Ours was super windy and cold, but luckily the rain held out (for the most part) and we got to trick-or-treat :)

If you can't tell, Alex was a zombie this year.  Daddy seems to have expertise in creating zombies after watching one-too-many episodes of Dexter and The Walking Dead, and he did a pretty phenomenal job of her makeup!  Nearly everyone that saw her commented that her costume was the best by far.

Lance insisted on being the Scream mask, even though he's never seen the movie.  Ever. 

Thats about all I got for pictures this year, sadly - the weather has been horrendous off and on all day, and I didn't want to chance taking my camera out with us.  After trick-or-treating, we went to the annual Boys and Girls Club haunted house, and it was spectacular! Lance and I both agreed that it was way better than we expected, and we are so fortunate that the kids are involved in such a dedicated program.  Alex is considering volunteering for next year's show!

After that, we ate out at Applebee's, costumes and all.  Our server Spiderman and other festive employees gawked at Alex.  We tried convincing her (with money) to ask if they had brains on the kids menu, but she wouldn't do it.  Darn.

And finally, what's Halloween without our Jack-o-lanterns?  Big Lance's will be recognizable to fellow gamers

Alex's hand-carved original

And Lance Jr did this one almost completely on his own

Since we always trick-or-treat and are never home to pass out candy, I stole an idea from Pinterest and drilled holes in mine and stuffed them with Tootsie Roll Pops.  Great idea, huh?

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