Gaming - Rain or Shine!

6:59 AM

On Saturday the kids had another game, and this one was out of town and I was finally able to make it! Of course, it was pouring the entire hour drive there, but fortunately, it wasn't windy or very cold.  Washington weather...

(Alex's cheer jacket was mistakenly taken at her last practice, which explains why she's biker chic at the game.  Her uniform is now up to code)

Lance got a bit more play time than normal today, which I was glad I got to see.  He still has a lot to learn, but he has learned so much this year!  I consider this his first "real" football season, as all his flag teams he was a bit silly and didn't pay much attention :)

Loving all the pink socks, laces, and sweat bands!

They lost yesterday's game, making them 4-2.  Fortunately, this advances them to the playoffs!  The Cougars are a great team this year, thanks to the great coaches!

Unfortunately, that means I have three more weeks of grueling weather to sit through.  Summer officially ended here last week - back to the wind, rain, and cold!

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