Weekly Roundup

7:50 PM

Most of these pics I stole from Lance's phone - so its the Lance edition!

The most peculiar cloud. Ever. Its hard to believe that thing is real!

On one of their last days of summer vacation, Lance brought the kids in to work with him.  Apparently they colored with highlighters and Sharpies, and were the object of everyone's affections and were treated as such when they fattened the kids up with their own stash of goodies they hide throughout the shop :)

Lance was getting a little creative with Zeus and his iPhone.  

We keep seeing this truck everywhere nowadays!  I keep wondering who drives this truck (Mario?)

And finally, one of my own finds!  Whats particularly hilarious about this is the fact that two nights before Lance and I were watching Zoolander, and when the kids and I went school supply shopping, I came across this pencil pouch.  Lance didn't even believe that I found this :)

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