Kids Say The Darndest Things: Episode 10

9:56 PM

So I'm noticing that all my "Kids Say" posts are almost always inspired by my sweet baby boy Lance.  

Today's is no exception.
Today Lance Jr and I went to an informational Boy Scout meeting, and afterwards I agreed to run by my friend Theresa's house for a few minutes.  I haven't seen her in a while, and she had some pulled pork she wanted to share with me (which reminds me... I have a whole 'nother post about that!)

She and I were chatting in her kitchen, and bored Lance was sitting at her table playing Angry Birds with my iPhone.  Out of the clear blue, he interrupts us and asks if I have an Adam's Apple.  Theresa and I are cracking up, and we are laughing so much that he almost gave up on trying to finish his random train of thought. 

He said that his friend at school just got one, and he that he went somewhere where old people go to get it.  He couldn't remember where one goes to "get" an Adam's Apple, but despite my explaining that its something that boys have, and you don't "get" one, "catch" one, or "buy" one, he swore that his friend went and got one somewhere.

Anyways, Lance and I finally get home pretty late and we are setting the table.  He got super excited and ran into the kitchen and said "MOM! I remember where he got his Adam's Apple! He said he got it in Puberty! Where's that?"

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