Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Looks like this week's theme is stuff I found in stores!

Lance kept telling me about a new Jif he found that was like Nutella - "chocolate silk" or something like that? I told him I've seen it, but when I stumbled across this my last time shopping, I had to up the ante in cool finds!

And if that wasn't a cool enough of a find, what about beef bacon? I may be totally behind the times, but I've never heard of such a thing! 

There are so many things I love about fall, and probably #1 on the list is the scents! I'm itching to start burning all my pumpkin-y and cinnamon-y candles, but I'm waiting until "summer" is over.  

Too bad we never really had a summer to begin with, maybe I should burn the darn things anyways :P

When Alex and I went to get her shots last week, she saw this car in the parking lot, and we thought it was quite hilarious :)

Suki got her monthly grooming, and like always, the trip is by far her favorite part of the experience.  She was especially hilarious last week, half-hanging out of the window and her beard flying back, but when I try to snag a picture (while not crashing), she either gets out of my view or we end up slowing down.  

And finally, as I was preparing Lance's birthday cake, a little rat must have been lurking in the kitchen scrounging up some crumbs.  Either the bandit left her mark, or someone is quite clever in leaving misleading clues... hehe!


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