National Night Out... At The Park

11:21 PM

Today was National Night Out, an event held across the country to promote drug and crime awareness, and to encourage community involvement.  I had to work late today, but the kids were dying so we snuck over there after I got home and changed.

It was really gloomy and threatened to rain, so I left my camera at home and took very few pictures.  The kids were also super reluctant to look at any booths or displays too, so very few picture opportunities! Alex is always shy and doesn't like to approach people, and that rubs off on Lance Jr sometimes, who truly isn't very shy.  The main thing they wanted to do was to hang out with their friends from the Boys and Girls Club, so they beelined straight to their tent and made s'mores with their friends. 

After being stranded under random tents due to the rain, we started to head out to leave when we saw a drunk driving reenactment.  There were cars set up to look like an accident had occurred, and we watched on as the local fire department used the Jaws Of Life to shred apart the car to remove the injured - and victims - of the accident.  We witnessed the drunk driver get interrogated, and eventually arrested.  It was pretty solemn and I think the kids were in awe to see a "dead person" at the accident.  Hopefully this made an impact for a few people!

We let the kids play at the park for a few minutes before we headed back home, and Lance was torturing the kids a bit and I had to snag a video.  Its not super exciting, but I'm sure the grandparents wouldn't mind watching :)

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