Middle School Walk Through

7:46 PM

I can't believe that this is even possible, but this year Alex starts middle school!  My denial sure had a shock today once we toured her new school!

We went to medical earlier to get her immunizations updated (which went effortlessly considering she has a fear of needles!), and then went to the open house that was happening this week at her school.  She picked up her schedule, and then an 8th grader gave her a tour of the school and walked her to all of her classrooms.  For those who don't know Alex, she's extremely shy and doesn't converse well with people she doesn't know, so she didn't offer any opinions or questions to the boy who escorted us.  I asked if we were allowed to walk through the school on our own afterwards, and then Alex really took charge and got interested in learning her new school.

I made her go through her schedule and have a mock run of her classes, now that we roughly knew where they were.  Her school is three floors, and I kid you not when I say she goes from floor 1 to 3, to 2, to 3.... my girl is going to have thighs of steel before the year is over!

She was in awe and perhaps slightly overwhelmed by the size of her school - and the fact that she has three minutes to travel between classes! I told her she would be absolutely fine, and the first week or two the teachers expect the kids to be slower getting to class.

She had fun finding her classes on her own and peeking inside.

The classes are much more grown up than she's used to!  She loves it!  The cafeteria especially looked much more sophisticated to her, she thought it looks much more like a food court rather than the cafeterias she's used to.

 She even has her locker number and combo, so we practiced for a bit until she could do it without being frustrated.  Again, I had to remind her that she will have plenty of time for practice and they don't expect her to know it all on the first day, but she does not like feeling out of control or overwhelmed.  I wonder where she got that from? :)

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