Look What I Can Do, Ma!

7:39 AM

Last night Lance and I were sitting around, and we noticed Zeus acting really funny.  He started jumping excitedly and repeatedly in the living room, and believe me when I say he never jumps on his own.

We thought that perhaps a fly was zooming around his head and he was determined to get it, but after watching him for a few moments, we realized that he was trying to get the pull chain for the fan!

The heck?

It is not a new chain, and we always use the fan, so its not making any new movements or noises or anything that he hasn't been exposed to over the past year in this house.  Yet, for some absurd reason, he is becoming obsessed with trying to get it!  Even first thing this morning when I got up to make Lance's lunch for work, Zeus had to get a fresh start on his chain !

Here's proof of his new hobby - and let me inform you that I was finally able to video him after a few extreme rounds of chain-chasing, so he is already tired (and worked up a thirst!) in the video.

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