Happy 9th Birthday, Lance!!

11:06 PM

Can you believe it, yet another year has come and gone, and my baby is now in his last year of being a single digit!  Its so hard to believe that the time has gone this quick, but at the same time, I feel like I've always had him in my life.  I can't imagine my life before my kids - its as if that part of me belongs to a past I'm so disconnected to, and the here and now is who I am and who I was always meant to be.

Ok, before the tears start gushing out, I guess I should shift the focus back to my big boy.  Sadly, we've been so incredibly busy lately, with my insane work stuff going on (cah-razy-ness!), and football and cheerleading consuming so much of our little free time, so today was pretty low-key. We had football practice, then went to his favorite new place, a brand new fro-yo place called Whidberry Frozen Yogurt. We are still debating how to celebrate his birthday, whether to have a small party and dinner out like Alex had this year, or to wait until school starts and have a larger party for him.  We aren't really planning on doing anything just yet, so I still have a few weeks to get this all figured out with him.

In the meantime, Lance chose his favorite birthday dinner that he always requests, shiskabobs and "noonoos" (his favorite alfredo that he called noonoos as a little tyke, and we've called it that since), and we had a lovely brief celebration with the family.  Lance wanted me to surprise him with what type of cake to make, so I made this Ultimate Death By Chocolate Cake I found on Pinterest (was alright, would have been tons better if it wasn't box mixes).

He was pretty excited about the gifts he got, which included a BeyBlade Launcher that calculates your speed (his new obsession!), a slightly inappropriate video game,  a remote control helicopter-thing that shoots missiles, and la crème de la crème, a Bear Grylls utility knife - something every nine year old boy absolutely needs in his life.

Oh boy.  Hopefully you won't be reading about me or my family in the news anytime soon.

Lance really seemed to enjoy his day, his special attention, and his gifts, and I just couldn't be happier :)

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