Cougar's First Game!

11:10 PM

Today was the kids' first game!  Sadly, the game started at 9 and I had to be at work at 9:30, so I was only able to see the first few minutes.  I'll be missing quite a few games because of crazy work things going on, but I'm so happy that Lance is able to be around to be the "main parent" for once.  The kids are really enjoying the fact that he's been home so much lately, and I love seeing Lance in this role finally and enjoy it.  We will have to squeeze every last ounce of him we can for the next two years!

 The Cougars won this week 39-7!  Lance Jr, though, is still somewhat immature when it comes to sports and he still is "that kid" who stares off into space or gets distracted by butterflies or shiny things, but I think it will come in time.  He really enjoys playing, so either he will get more serious about playing in time, or he will finally realize that perhaps sports isn't his calling.  Either way, we will just keep encouraging him and keep him involved in things until we find what truly clicks for him.

Alex, being the shy girl she is, was a little stiff and embarrassed looking while cheering, but I think she will really warm up to it soon.  We tried getting her back into dance, but for some reason she was reluctant to sign up - I'm not sure what the deal was there.  She was amazing at dance, and I think once she gets a bit more comfortable with who she's with and what she's doing, she will really shine as a cheerleader!  Its hard starting a few weeks late into the season too and being rushed into a game already - that's my fault there.  She's got so much potential, I can't wait for her to allow her awesomeness explode out of her and show the world what she is made of!

Anyhow, below are some pics and videos Lance caught for me :) Obviously we sat right next to the girls and the football players were far off, but we have several more games to get better pictures and videos of Lance!

Lance is number 16

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