Weekly Roundup

8:59 AM

My family is complete once again! Lance came home the other night, and had a few gifts for each of us.  What he had waiting for me was...

a big ole' greasy bag of cracklins! LOL! I can't believe that he picked up a bag for me on his way to the airport - its little things like that that reminds me how much I love that man!

I've never had cracklins before I met him (they are like a meaty pork rind), and I still didn't really care for them until we hit this one hole-in-the-wall gas station in Podunk, Louisiana and they were worth dying for!  He tried getting me some really tasty ones again, but they weren't the freshest after a day's worth of traveling.  Its the thought that counts :)

I saw this the other day at the grocery store, and it was the most bizarre find!  I kid you not that this box was way in the back of the shelf, and those junky things that the stores dangle off plastic chains all along the shelves was blocking this detergent, and I wasn't even shopping for laundry soap, and yet Chuck Norris's face just jumped out at me.

It is Chuck Norris, after all...

Over the weekend we got off the island to do a little shopping, and we were stuck in some moderate traffic.  Needless to say, that guy had a crappy day!

I had to take a pic of this - you kids of the 70s and 80s surely must remember candy cigarettes! I'm surprised that they haven't made this illegal yet!

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