Weekly Roundup

8:35 AM

This week's pics are mostly (like usual) are texts to Lance, especially since he's out of town and needs to be in the loop!

Lance has been busy visiting family and having a jolly ole' time back home, and I've been busy doing my own "bachelorette" thing (haha...), so we've gotten into the routine of one of us will text the other when we are settled for the night doing stuff and ready to talk on the phone the rest of the night.  I guess I dozed off one night waiting on him, and this is what I woke up to!

This is such an incredibly rare sight, that I had to hurry and take a picture before I lost my chance! Zeus used to love laying out in the sun when he was younger, but he never does it anymore.  I haven't seen him do this in at least two years or so, and it made me so happy to see him enjoying Mother Nature.

A text I sent to Lance to let him know what the kids and I were up to :)

Another "Whatcha doin?" text response - Monopoly: Disney Edition!

Last night when before I was completely distracted by the double rainbow, the kids and I were getting dinner ready and watching Avatar: The Last Airbender (our favorite cartoon!!).  I had to show Lance that this episode was on, which is one of our favorites - mainly because these guys pictured above are pretty much an exaggerated version of Louisianans.  They keep saying that things taste like "possum-chicken," which is our catch phrase at home :)  

I discovered that Stella will show the next turn on the speedometer when being guided by GPS.  I wasn't sure if Lance knew that or not, so I dangerously snapped a pic.

And finally, after Lance bragging about all the amazing food he's been eating, I had to rub his face in the fact that he was not enjoying the amazing white queso dip at our local Mexican place.  He doesn't really like going to Mexican restaurants, but will gladly make an exception just to drink the cheese dip!

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