Weekly Roundup

6:38 PM

Happy Monday again!  

Last week on my lunch break I picked up a few real estate magazines.  I saw this guy advertising his services, and asked Lance (who loves crawfish) whether we should call this guy once we are ready to start house hunting :P

I caught these two snoozing together on the couch :)

The kids go to summer camp while Lance and I are at work, and on Wednesday, on my way to pick them up, I saw them hanging out on the corner! They walk to the community pool and swim on Wednesdays, but they ended up being out longer that day because it was July 11, more commonly known as Free Slurpee Day! It must have been quite a sight watching about fifty kids getting free Slurpees!

Thursday was our anniversary!  Nine years!  We are starting to talk about our plans for our big one next year, can't wait until we start making concrete plans!

I got gorgeous roses, and I got a gift for myself too! Hehe, its an "us" gift - a certificate for a three hour couple's massage class!  Man, I can't wait!

He surprised me by taking me to Fraser's, an amazing restaurant that I've never even heard of! The entire meal was out of this world - probably one of the best dinners I've had in years!  He done did good :)

Lance is now out of town, visiting his family for the next two weeks.  We are all going to head down there as a family in a few months, but things just didn't turn out for all of us to head down there together this time.  Anyways, I had to drop him off at the airport at Oh-Dark-Thirty, and it was incredibly foggy a great portion of the day.  Lance noticed the Space Needle - how cool and eery is that?? Its hard to tell if its the Space Needle, or a Space Ship!

Another garden pic, hehe.  Can you tell I'm a proud gardening noob? I had to show Lance that we finally have a tomato! Perhaps when he gets back in town, there will be some to eat! 

Lance just had to text me a picture of the "fun" he's having down in Louisiana, so I showed him how much I'm suffering without him, hehe.  I had a few of my favorite things set up on his computer :P

And finally - here's Alex working on her camp packing list! I'll share more about that later :)  'Til then...

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