Weekly Roundup

9:55 PM

This week...

we had a crawfish boil! Granted, it wasn't fresh live crawfish, but we will take what we can get :)

We lit a few leftover fireworks while cooking out - mostly smoke bombs we were saving for day light.

The kids decided they wanted PB&J kabobs for dinner, so we let them (more crawfish for me & Daddy!)

It was actually kind of hard to skewer, but the kids loved it and said it tasted great.  I'm sure it did!  
I should do that with Nutella and marshmallow fluff.... hmmm....

I also tried to spike some watermelon, but it was really, really potent - like eating shots.  Since we weren't really trying to get crunk or anything, it was a bit too much for us.

 We've been letting the kids stay up a good bit past their bedtime this summer, but they have to respect "quiet time" since we do live in a townhouse.  Usually they will settle down with a movie or something on Netflix upstairs while Lance and I watch a grownup show (Breaking Bad lately!).  

Anyways, generally the kids are in Alex's room and Lance is laying in Alex's top bunk.  When Big Lance and I went to bed that night, we went to check on the kids, and both of them were snuggled up on Lance's bed! How cute!

And yes... his mattress is on the floor.

No more monkeys jumping on the bed...

The other day Alex kept asking Lance what to draw on her Magna-Doodle-wannabe, and he told her to copy a picture of them she has in her room.  I knew immediately which photo this was once I saw it - amazing!! Disregard the messed up part of the board though :P

And finally - a peek at what appears to be our newest hobby! I'll have to share more about that very, very soon!

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