Weekly Roundup

10:14 PM

This week's theme seems to be haircuts!

Alex and I started off the trend by getting our hair cut.  Alex's looks about the same, but the stylist did thin her hair out a good bit and added layers to make it much more manageable. Alex has been having issues keeping it brushed underneath, leaving dreadlocks for to sort through about once a week.

 Me, on the other hand, got my hair way chopped off!  Do you see that hunk of hair sitting on the shelf??

This was my inspiration, but my haircuts never turn out like I hope.

Its a wee bit shorter than I was hoping, and I suck at doing hair, so ya... guess I'll get to figure out what to do with my new do!

On the bright side, I didn't realize that I had enough hair to donate to Locks of Love, so I'll be sending my hair off this week!  That will be my first time ever doing it!

Lance Jr. was promised a haircut as well.  He wasn't keen on the idea (at all), but unfortunately, it was a parental decision Lance and I had to make.  

So here he is before...

right before...

And after!  I kinda liked his surfer-dude look, but I'm loving his short hair!  He has such a gorgeous face (and those eyes... *swoon*), and now he isn't hiding behind that mop of hair.  After about an hour, he realized how much he loves his short haircut, which makes me feel better :)

Lance has been scouring the island for a KitchenAid sausage stuffer over the past few days to no avail. After I got off work on Saturday, we headed off the island to go to a few bigger stores, but still no luck (we ended up ordering it online).  Anyhow, we spent a few hours looking around and goofing off, and on the way home we stopped by the casino where we always get gas (its dirt cheap compared to other nearby places), and had to browse the fireworks stands.

 We were going to get some, but they were seriously peddling their goods making us feel uncomfortable, so we just ditched the idea after a few minutes and decided to buy fireworks closer to home.

While we were at Target, look at what I picked up!! I've seen these plates online before, but never in stores.  I obviously had to snag up a few, and the kids have been having fun with their new fine china :)

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