Off To Summer Camp!

9:23 PM

As I've mentioned earlier, today I dropped the kids off at their first ever week-long summer camp! Its a pretty cool program sponsored by the Navy - D.E.F.Y., which stands for Drug Education For Youth.  They are going to be there until Friday, and this will be the first time Lance has been away from home for more than night, and the longest I've been separated from Alex since she was a baby.  

Oh, and remember how Big Lance is out of state, too?? 

I was alone, I was all by myself
No one was looking, I was thinking of you
Oh yeah, did I mention
I was all by myself
All by myself... All by myself... All by myself

Anyhow (not that that song relates to me in that way, just to be clear), when Lance found out about this summer camp, he realized that it would coincide with his time visiting his family.  He asked me if I would be interested in signing the kids up, thinking I may not want to be alone.  How thoughtful :)

After we told the kids about the camp, and they knew they would be gone the same time Daddy would be, their first reaction was "What about you, Mommy?" Isn't that the sweetest?  My family made me feel so loved :)

Well, the kids have been utterly excited about going to camp, and it seemed like this day would never come, but here we are!  

After they signed in, they were assigned a team (Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, or the Avengers.  Don't ask me what my kids are, we didn't remember).  They each got a backpack with t-shirts, baseball caps, water bottles, and a few other odds and ends.

Is that a binder for homework I see??

How nifty, pencils to do it with!

Lance sporting his new t-shirt.  He was insanely excited, ripping through his backpack to see what stuff he got and stuffed the t-shirt on right away.

My Stinkerbell, however, still likes to play cool and didn't want me to take her picture.  
Ah well.  She'll be a mommy one day and understand :)

They have to wear their t-shirts, hats, and backpacks at all times, apparently.

They got a quick briefing on basic rules and expectations

And then were shipped off to gather their bags and head out to their barracks!

Some boys were changing into their shirts in their barracks, so I let Lance do his own thing and I watched Alex pick out her bunk and unpack.  

And this is where I watched my kids walk away from me for the remainder of the week. 

Oh, how so excited I am for them to have such a fun time, but at the same time I'm so sad! I'll miss my little family so much, and I do admit that I had to stifle back the tears that wanted to gush out as I walked back to the car.

And the best part of my day was waiting for me at home.  I didn't realize Alex left me a little love note.  

I'm the luckiest wife and mommy ever <3

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