Kids Say The Darndest Things: Episode 9

1:28 PM

Alex has been regaling me with tales of their recent camp excursion, and the most recent story involved a game called "What's That Taste?"  Apparently, they were divided into teams and pretty much had a relay race, running to the next team member, grabbing a sample blindly out of a bag, eat and identify the mystery food, and continue on.

Alex was telling me about how the person ahead of her had pulled pork rinds out on their turn, but cheated and put it back because she thought it was gross and picked something else.  Alex found out about it, and long story short, her arguing she couldn't eat it (she's a vegetarian) and finding another food item ended up making their team lose (it wasn't Alex's fault, just a few different kids not playing correctly cost them time).

Anyhow - Lance Jr was laying on the couch playing video games, half-listening to Alex's story about the game.  He sat up with such a bewildered look on his face, and he said "You mean they tried to make you eat pig winkies?!"

"PIG WINKIES?" Alex and I shouted and laughed - what the heck? He said "You said you had to taste pork groins in the game, isn't that a winky?"


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