Happy Birthday America!

7:43 PM

Happy Fourth of July! A bit belated since its now the fifth, I suppose, but the sentiment is still there.  Here is a recap of our day yesterday!

We intended to get to the carnival at the park here early in the afternoon, but we ended up having a late start.  We drove off the island to finally pick up some fireworks - the ones around here were insanely expensive, and Lance heard that the ones sold at the casino were much cheaper.  Were they ever!

On the way back, we swung by this little place off the side of the road that we've been dying to try.  There are always crowds of people here, and we've been curious about the food.  The menu had tons of variety - anywhere from popcorn shrimp (what we got to share - omg YUM!), to elk and gator burgers. We have vowed to stop by here every time we drive by to at least share something, and we will try every last thing that is on the menu (I shudder to think of elk burger - but apparently its delicious).

We went to the annual carnival down at the park and paid for the wristbands that were marked up since we went only in April.  Good Lord do those people make some money!  The kids had a blast though, and thats what matters.

Lance tried winning me one of those stuffed Momos, but after $20, and not even a third of the shots made that was needed, we decided to cut our losses. Its the thought that counts :)

We settled down on our blanket along the water, right next to the safety barrier blocking access to where the fireworks would be launched at.  It turned out to be a great spot to sit!  Oh, and can you see Mt. Ranier waaay in the background? :)

We bought lots of bad carnival food, including the obligatory funnel cakes (yum!) and nachos (yuck!)

Isn't this a great shot?! Lance had great timing and loves taking pictures of fireworks.
I told you we sat in a great spot :)

The rest of the night we hung out outside grilling and lighting the cheap fireworks in our back alley.  We weren't supposed to have fireworks to begin with, so we had to stick to little ones that were somewhat discrete.  Turns out some of them were quite loud, prompting our little neighbor to watch out of her window late at night at all the extra fireworks going on behind her house :)  All in all, a great day!

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