Double Rainbow - OMG!!

10:47 PM

What an amazing evening!! Tonight the kids and I were getting ready - I was grilling in the back yard, and the kids were "setting" the living room floor (we were going to picnic). Alex noticed how sunny and slightly rainy it was, and she said "Wouldn't it be cool if we saw a rainbow?"

A few minutes later, Lance Jr was the one to notice the rainbow appear from the back yard, and we couldn't help but notice at how it continued to grow brighter and brighter right before our eyes!

I grabbed the camera...

And lo and behold, a second rainbow!! We were so excited - we've never seen such a bright rainbow to begin with, much less a double rainbow!  The kids were all "OH MY GOD" (they get the reference, thanks to me having to teach them due to Pocket God) and we were cracking up and soaking in its majesty at the same time

The kids and I rushed out of the house looking like complete hobos - me wearing all of Lance's sweat clothes, Lance wearing Alex's jeans and flip flops, and Alex wearing mismatched shoes, and tried to get the best shots we could of the rainbow.  I was able to snag a few by the marina, but as it went away as we drove off to try another location.  What an amazing evening!  God has quite the paintbrush :)

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