Craig Karges Thinks Lance Is Weird

7:24 AM

On Friday, the base hosted a show by Craig Karges, an "extraordinist." We took the kids to see what I thought would be a magic show, but we learned it was so much more than that - better even!

We realized there weren't going to be any magic tricks when we saw his props on the platform - very minimal for magic tricks.  Instead, as he and the crowd were waiting for the room to fill up and the show to start, he walked around the audience, introducing himself, and passing around little pieces of paper like this.

He didn't ask for it back or even attempt to look at it, just went about his business.  Those who didn't get those slips of paper, he suggested the keep one random thought in their head for later, as well as one piece of personal information - a parent's name, their phone number, where they were born, anything!

His show was mostly a demonstration of his amazing intuition - mind reading is more like it.  He started off the show explaining that nothing is prearranged with anyone in the audience - if anyone were to ever catch on to his "trick" or prove what he does is in fact deceptive or in some manner cheating, he had a personal check written out for $100,000 to go towards a local charity.

I was still skeptical of course, but I enjoyed watching him work nonetheless.  I tried working out in my mind how he did some of the things he did.  Yes, some of his demonstrations were "tricks" that possibly could be learned - like when he took rings from three different men in the audience and interlocked them all (wow!), but majority of his show was an exercise in his "psychic" (for lack of better word) ability.  He asked if an "Ari" and a "Susan" were in the audience, and sure enough, two blushing women stood up.  He was able to tell them their astrological signs, their birthdays, and their random thoughts.

As shocked as they seemed, they could have been part of his show, pulled aside way before the show started.

I became a complete believer when shortly after that, he asked if there was a "Heidi" in the audience! Oh crap! I stood up, embarrassed, and then he asked who Lance was to me.  Knowing he was probably referencing my thought I wrote on my slip of paper...

I pointed to Lance Jr.  Lance stood up, and Craig continued to say "you think something... something is weird about Lance, theres something weird you are thinking about."  I told him yes, that was the gist of my thoughts, and I was utterly amazed.  As I was about to sit down, thinking I was done, he said "One other thing, who is Denise?" I said that was my mom, and he said "Thank you!! Thats been driving me crazy!"  WOW!! Totally believe now! 

Here is an example of one of his demonstrations of the night.  If you ever have the chance to see him, go for it, it was such an entertaining show!

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