66% Of My Family Has Returned Home!

10:42 PM

The kids are home, the kids are home!!  I didn't realize how terribly I would miss my whole family! I had such lofty goals that I wanted to accomplish while everyone was gone, and though I kept mostly busy, I did pout and mope for a bit, especially on Wednesday.  Regardless, I was thankful that the kids had this awesome opportunity, and they had so much fun, and I can't begrudge them their time away from me :)

They talked my ear off yesterday about how their adventure was, so rather than me try to relate that to you, I asked them to sum up their experience!

From Lance:

I did wall squats and 100pushups it was hard and fun like kickball.We watched movies like happy feet2 and real steal. We went to the beach to look at cool fish from researchers.We learned about drugs.We learned about bullying:) we slept at a barracks.
I took showers. Im a kung fu panda. we went camping doing marshmallows
I had a small toothbrush.I was a junior  mentor.

From Alex:

I lost my teeth. I lost two teeth. i lost them at lunch at camp. there is my mom's hand holding my teeth that i lost.

I am in the picture and I am the one that is second to last on the top. You could  barely see my head behind somebody else's  head. I also got a sunburn that is really red right now and i also have cuts all over  my legs from rolling down a hill in the grass. and the grass was wet . And i got wet but not soaked just only damp.

There is a cannon  and   we went to a old navy base and it was really dark inside and i went in a room that was pitch black and cold and only one other person went in.The mentor told us to do an ugly face so i did. really ugly! no-hideous!

I am in that picture to but i don't know witch one is me.

 I am getting a paper. A  D E F Y graduation paper.

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