Weekly Roundup

6:38 PM

What's been going on this past week?

Lets start off with the above!! I finally got a picture of my sexy sailor getting frocked! He's now officially a Petty Officer First Class!  <3

Over the past few weekends we have... brace yourself... been house hunting! We haven't started the official process yet, but we will once Lance's pay reflects his new promotion.  

Anyways, as we were driving about, finding neighborhoods, we stumbled across this sign - hilarious!

Alex thought it was a ferret crossing sign at first :P

Where that otter crossing sign is there is a long strip of thin beach along some really rough waters.  It seemed especially rough this particular day, even though my picture didn't do it justice.

I've been giving my sister updates about my container garden I've been doing (since I knew we wanted to move in the near future, I wanted it to be portable).  Here is my very first zucchini, ever! I've never been a successful gardener.  Just a lazy one.

And my itty-bitty cucumber! Its so precious!

I also got the idea from Pinterest to grow my own green onions. I swear, I planed these things five, yes five, days ago, and look how HUGE they are!

A freaky ice cube I found...

The other day I saw Stella's older sister while driving, and had to show Lance!

And speaking of Stella, Lance finally had to put his foot down and bully me into finally learning how to drive her!  Saturday we went for what I thought would be a mini-refresher lesson, but he made me actually go drive out in the street - with real people around!  Sunday we went out again and I did pretty good (although the front right rim might say otherwise...), and Lance further bullied me by stealing my truck this morning and leaving me with Stella's keys.

Anyways, as I was getting dressed for work this morning (and feeling sick to my stomach), Lance kept texting me with a ton of reminders before I ventured off with Stella alone.  One of tips (actually, several of them) was to remember to put on the parking brake - something I never, ever do otherwise in an automatic.

Once I arrived at my first destination this morning, dropping the kids off at their first day of camp at the Boys and Girls Club, I had to text him to prove that I did alright, that I was still alive, and that I remembered the parking brake.

I did gooooood :)

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