Father's Day Surprise! Mancave Worthy Peg Board

6:01 PM

So what was the big Father's Day present we were excited about?

A custom painted (much, much needed) peg board!  Now Daddy has a place to organize all of his tools, all the while admiring his favorite team from good 'ole Louisiana! (Don't mind the terrible pics, had to use the iPhone since I can't find my memory card...)

The kids did this all on their own, and I'm so proud of how well they did!  Ok, so I bought and drug home the peg board and spray painted it, but they did the rest.  Alex, who is pretty artistic, drew out the designs, and Lance helped her paint it in.

I'm not handy enough to hang it up on my own (that sucker is HUGE!), so we included a Home Depot gift card too for all the incidentals needed in hanging it.  We also got him some peg board starter kits, and now I can't wait to hang this up and see how great it looks!  

Didn't they do such a great job? This is one of those things that we will cherish forever :)

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  1. What a fun project! The kids did a fabulous job.

    I'm stopping by from Tip Me Tuesday at Tip Junkie

  2. Thanks so much! We had fun making it, Daddy loves it, and its SO practical! Its like the gift-trifecta!


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