Weekly Roundup

8:53 AM

I never got around to doing a Weekly Roundup last week, so the above picture is a bit overdue :) A cute Mother's Day card made by one of my favorite men ever!

Shame on me, I didn't take a pic of Alex with hers...

Lance has been wanting to put a system in Stella, and slowly the pieces have been trickling in last week.  He's finally finished, and now he's that annoying guy that drives around the neighborhood, pissing the neighbors off.  At least we all know when he's home now!

Big Lance has been gone or busy all weekend working on Stella, and he and his buddy had to run to the store about a bajillion times to get hardware or pieces to install the stereo.  He was gone for a particularly long time at one point, so I texted the above pic to him (with no caption), and he (quickly) came home knowing what was waiting for him :)

The way to a man's heart is his what?

Last week we went to see the new Battleship movie, and I've been wanting to get them the Battleship game since they loved it so much.  We used to have it... but somehow I have lost it over the years and moves.  Anywho, I got them the movie version (Navy vs. Aliens), and they flippin' love it, especially Alex!

This past weekend Little Lance was at Robotics Camp (next post!), and Big Lance was busy with Stella, so that left us girls all alone and unloved! So what did we do? Have a girls day out! We went to lunch together, where Alex ordered herself a cinnamon roll french toast plate...

And we shopped on Pioneer Street, the historic "downtown" area here where there are tons of quaint shops that are just so adorable! I saw this itty-bitty compass in a craft store, and I immediately fell in love! I almost bought it just for the heck of it, but what would I do with a compass that is smaller than a button?

And finally we got ice cream at an adorable sweets shop! Right after we got ice cream we had to pick Lance up from his camp, and since I couldn't get him any ice cream, he had to suffice with the bag of chocolate-covered gummy bears we got him!

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