Weekly Roundup

9:35 PM

There's nothing quite like a soft white bimbo to share with the family...

I love Lance's first sentence - "I choose Pantene for my hair."

And whats up with #11? "I misspelled correctly."

Alex got some new bedding for her birthday - her zebra sheets look amazing in her room!

Lance was super jealous of Alex's room full of balloons.  Sunday evening I got more balloons and promptly inflated them.  He was super excited about them - until he realized he was responsible for bringing all 72 freshly inflated balloons upstairs to his room.

Sunday night my friend Theresa from work came over and we had SO MUCH FUN! We cooked lots of yummy food, played air hockey, and gossiped for a good while. 

I need to have girl time more often!

We also lit the fire pit on Sunday and finished off the evening stuffing ourselves with tons and tons of s'mores - I love the turning of the season!

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