Ten Minute Tidy

11:01 PM

For the past month or so, the kids and I have been keeping up with a new routine I've implemented into our rushed mornings. It's amazingly simple and so incredibly helpful that I just couldn't help but share my tiny (and painstakingly infrequent) stroke of genius!

We call it the "Ten Minute Tidy," and it really does just take ten minutes - I even set my iPhone timer. The kids normally take for.ev.er to get out of bed in the mornings, and so this helps me get their hinies up and running too. Most mornings I'll wake them with their "morning coffee" (just a mug of warm chocolate milk) and as soon as they finish, they are out of bed and I set my timer for ten minutes.

The goal is to race through each bedroom together, helping make everyone's bed, picking up dirty clothes, and just a general pick up of junk. We have three bedrooms, and so that gives us about three minutes and some change for each room, which is more than plenty of time to make beds and take care of clothes. We don't generally go much further than that - there's only so much you can do in three and a third minutes, but we've really been enjoying the fruits of this little bit of teamwork each morning. The kids are excited to be helped in their rooms, think its fun (and funny) to help make mom's bed and pick up dad's dirty clothes, racing the timer keeps all of us rushing to get as much accomplished as possible, and it's just enough straightening up to make our upstairs fairly presentable. Oh, and did I mention it forces the kids to get out of bed?? :)

I really have been enjoying this brief snippet of our mornings and how much it's benefitted us (with such minimal time and effort, might I add), that I'm considering tacking on a few minutes to our "tidy" to include a quick bathroom sweep. I'm just reluctant to change the name of our routine. "Twelve Minute Tidy" isn't too bad, I suppose...

What small changes have you introduced into your routine that has made a big impact? I need some more tips and inspiration on how to be more efficient!

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