Saturday In Seattle

4:15 PM

Yesterday I woke up wanting to go to Seattle. What for, I don't know, but we quickly got dressed, took care of the dogs, and headed out for a spontaneous day!

There are two ways off the island - go south and take the (expensive) ferry, or head north across the bridge and take the interstate.  Going north is technically longer (Seattle is south of us, after all), but with the ferry wait and everything, it usually evens out.  

Anyways, we went to Five Guys in Burlington for lunch, and Lance was telling me of a different route his friend took him on last weekend to get to the interstate - it passed this place where apparently they sell fresh ice cream that you could "smell from the car," and he wanted to check it out.  

This place was so adorable! Snow goose Produce was in the middle of nowhere...

And yet there was a huge line, probably about forty or fifty people, waiting to order ice cream! That didn't even include all of the people hanging around outside enjoying their treat and views!

The ice creams where ginormous, I kid you not! We only ordered the single scoop, and I couldn't even finish it (and I can put down some food!) The double scoop cost twice as much, and probably had about four times as much ice cream!
Lance Jr clearly enjoyed his bubblegum ice cream, and I told him once he was done, he looked like a Smurf vampire.

Luckily we happened to get him a few new things at Old Navy right before we got ice cream, so he had a change of clothes after we gave him an impromptu shower with water bottles we had stashed in the trunk, lol.

On the way to the interstate, we noticed this sign - we will have to check that out someday!

We finally got to Seattle's Public Market, but we didn't realize that a lot of the street vendors close shop at about five - the time we finally arrived.  There was still tons of stuff to check out and look at, so we still had lots of fun.

Lance was so excited when I found out the meat shop sold boudin blanc, some sausage and rice thing they eat in Louisiana.  He bought a pack of that and some lamb sausage - we've never tried that before, but it sounded interesting.

We watched some of the fish vendors do their thing - yelling orders in a sing-song way, and tossing fish to one another.  Pretty neat! We were in awe at the size of the lobster tails they had for sale, only $34.99 a pound!

We kept hearing the creepiest music and tried finding out what the heck it was - it sounded like it was from a horror film.  It was a street performer playing the saw! I've never seen that before.

Some of the shops on the lower levels were pretty cool too.  Here's a store display made out of gummy bears.  

Speaking of gummy bears, watch this video - this song is so unbelievably (and annoyingly) catchy, and Lance plays it all the time, even in the car with his new stereo, haha...

What else?  We hung out with Sheldon and some of the Avengers for a bit...

got Alex some ferret earrings...

saw a not-so-patriotic eagle...

and a horse we couldn't touch...

found a bit of old Seattle trying to break through...

saw a cyclist...

felt homesick for Japan...

and visited the first Starbucks store.

We ate at Hard Rock and got the kids shot glasses to add to their collection, and finished off the day by watching the Avengers in 3D!

All in all, a busy and amazing day!

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  1. Hi Heidi,
    My name is Heidi too! Yay! Sorry, that's dorky but I've honestly never met another Heidi (still technically haven't but this proves others are out there lol)
    I love Seattle, it's such a fun place to spend the day. I live in Vancouver so it's a bit of a drive but totally worth it. My fave part of your trip is the massive amount of ice cream that was sitting atop your son's cone. The fact that he didn't go into a diabetic shock is possibly proof of superhero abilities, you may want to look into that lol.

  2. Hey there Heidi, sorry for the late response... been somewhat MIA on the computer as of late! I've never personally known another Heidi, but met a handful over the years. I didn't like my name growing up, but I like it now - its a unique, yet traditional name :)

    We are sorta/kinda neighbors! We really want to visit your neck of the woods in the near future, but haven't gotten around to it just yet. I hear its amazing!

    I have to agree, the ice cream my son thoroughly enjoyed was probably the best part of the day - especially all the looks he got from the millions of other people around!

    Thanks for taking time and commenting, I really love feedback and appreciate it!

    Heidi :D


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