Robotics Camp

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This weekend Lance Jr was selected to participate in the first annual Robotics Camp held at the high school here!  When the permission slips came home about a month ago, he was so overcome with excitement that we almost had to ban the topic at home - its all he could think about!

Lance was gone nearly the entire weekend! Friday evening, Saturday until 6, and Sunday until 4! I'm not used to my baby being gone all day, so I really missed him!

The camp was held in the electronics classroom of the high school, where they used Lego Mindstorm kits to learn how basic robotic and electronic components work.  They had to form groups (Lance's team was called the "Legendary Burritos") and had the of designing a robot that would eventually compete against other teams in a series of obstacles and battles.  How awesome is that?!

On Sunday, families were able to come and watch the teams compete in some crazy game called Truffle Shuffle that was so complicated that creating a robot out of marshmallows seemed like an easier undertaking.  However the kids (mostly boys...) knew what they were doing and we were able to watch Lance take his turn being the driver!

Look at the stress he must be feeling! He was so into it!

They had to do something with collecting certain color balls, and keeping other ones away.  In Lance's corner he is counting some of the high-point balls

Lance lost this round, but won and lost several more later on.  Needless to say, he is very eager to go to next year's camp, and to eventually move on to high school so he can join the other big kids in Robotics Club :)

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