Kids Say The Darndest Things: Episode 8

1:00 PM

I've got two of these today!!

Yesterday Lance made the kids clean up our "Room of Requirement," which is our gym, laundry room, pantry, craft room, ferret room, and many other things.  While straightening up, Alex found a stack of papers I needed to file away in our fireproof safe, and she saw that they were all hers.  She also noticed this:

My name was misspelled on her birth certificate!! After eleven years, I've never noticed this, how funny is that?

Anyways, as I'm laughing hysterically over this error, I teased Alex and said loudly "Well, I guess this proves that I'm not your mother after all!"

I thought she went back to the Room of Requirement to finish up her task, but about 20 minutes later I heard loud, deep sobs coming from upstairs, and I thought she got in trouble from Daddy about her chores.  I went up to her room to play good cop, and it took her a few minutes to tell me what was wrong.

She said "That paper shows that you aren't my mommy!"

I didn't realize she took me seriously!! It took a while to calm her down and assure her that yes, I made her and I'm her mommy, and that was inconsiderate  of me to tease about her birth certificate.  She now believes that me when I tell her it was a silly typo, and nothing could come between this mommy and daughter :)

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