Kids Say The Darndest Things: Episode 7

12:48 PM

Last night we went to Johnny Carino's for dinner to celebrate Lance's promotion, and the restaurant is about 45 minutes away.  On the way there and back is an Indian casino, and we generally stop there to get gas since its usually about 20¢ cheaper than anywhere else.

Anywho, Lance Jr was asking why there are signs all over the place saying "entering" or "leaving" so-and-so "reservation."  I explained to him that a reservation is a section of land that belongs to a specific Indian tribe, and that a lot of the tribesmen live and work there.

Lance got the most confused look on his face, and said "But I thought they were all extinct?"

As funny as that sentiment wasn't, we couldn't help but laugh at his thought-provoking misunderstanding.

We assured them while their heritage and way of living may have been involuntarily become extinct, Native Americans are most definitely still around :)

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