Beaches and Battleships

1:57 PM

Yesterday the theater on base was having a sneak-peek of the new movie Battleship, but we had to wait in line to get our free tickets a few hours ahead of time.  After we got our tickets, we killed some time waiting on the movie by exploring a beach we randomly discovered by driving around aimlessly. I didn't have my camera with me, so I did the best I could with my iPhone.  What did we do in the olden days??

(BTW - we loved the movie! Very Hollywood and special effect-ish, but we liked it, nonetheless.  It has some serious Navy and Veteran pride - Go Navy!)

As I said, we were randomly driving around enjoying the amazing weather, and we ended up at Libbey Beach, which we have never heard of.  

The beach was really neat - there was hardly any sand to walk on, but tons of rocks of all sizes.  

My favorite boys :)

And girl :)

There was an area where a ton of rocks had (what I'm guessing) dried seaweed baked onto the rocks.  The picture didn't do justice - it was quite a sight!

We walked around on the rocky shore and spent about an hour looking for random critters, shells, and rocks to collect.

I love this picture!! How utterly creepy!

This was a really neat find! Some sort of mollusk - if you peeked really close at the side of its shell, you could see where the animal was attached to the rock :)

 Look - he's blowing kisses to the camera! 


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