Alex's Birthday Weekend

11:02 PM

Alex turned 11 yesterday!

We are expecting her acceptance letter to Hogwarts any day now.

She woke up to quite the surprise on her big day :)

This was SUCH a hit, by the way - we will absolutely have to do this every birthday from here on out, otherwise the kids will probably revolt.

We talked about the various ways we could celebrate her birthday, 
and she opted to have a small party "Girl's Day Out" style! 

Though she invited three of her best friends for a day out and about, only one was able to come. One of her friends ended up being out town, and the other had plans during the day but came over later for the sleep over.  I took Alex and her friend to get manis/pedis (Alex's first!) and we had so much fun!

Maybe I should have paid a few extra bucks and got facials for these mugs...

After our spa afternoon, we headed out of town to a bigger town with an actual mall.  The girls had so much fun rushing from store to store looking at jewelry and shoes (especially shoes!!), and they were being obnoxiously giddy and girly!  They both ended up buying super tall heels to play dress up in later :)

 We had dinner at Sakura, a fantastic hibachi place next to the mall.  The kids have never been to hibachi, and it was the perfect dinner to take them to!  Lance Jr was super sad once dinner was over, though - he declared it was his new favorite restaurant :)

Alex's "theme," other than Girls Day Out, was zebra! She's really into zebra patterns lately, and along with the bike she got for her birthday, she also got zebra bedding for her bunk beds.  Her cake was store bought - I wish I had made it at home like I normally do, but I definitely would not have been able to master zebra stripes!

The rest of the night - and today! - the girls played dress up in the dresses they got at Ross, their new shoes, and a bunch of my make up and jewelry.  Could this day have been any girlier?? 

And last, but certainly not least - the not-birthday-boy! He's next!

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  1. What a great birthday! And she still looks so much like your sister!!

  2. She did have fun! And, my sister was dumbfounded about how alike they look in the picture where Alex is drinking milk - she said if she didn't know any better, she would have thought it was her! :)


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