Weekly Roundup

11:32 PM

Here's my buddy helping me make coconut chicken strips.  Needless to say, he had fun :P

Lance and his friend playing Pokémon on a gorgeous day outside.

For the most part, we've been blessed with amazing weather lately, especially on the weekends.  We still need rain days though to water our flowers, so this is my view from work late one afternoon.

Suki is absolutely infatuated with Bandit, which is hilarious because it took her over six months to realize she was larger than the ferret and therefore no longer scared of her.  Every time we enter the gym, where Bandit lives, Suki stands at the cage staring eagerly, hoping we will let Bandit out to play.

A quick pic of the kids during the Holland Happening Parade.  Lance's hair is getting so long - he actually asked if I had a bobby pin he could borrow because of how windy it was!

The one thing Lance wanted at the carnival/parade was cotton candy, and I promised we would get him some before we left.  I kept my word, but Big Lance made sure to keep Stella clean.  How, might you ask? By forcing Lance to keep his sticky fingers inside the cotton candy bag to ensure he didn't touch a thing the entire way home!

Alex's birthday is this upcoming weekend (already!!), and since we will be busy most of the weekend, we went ahead and got her present early.  She outgrew her bike she just got for her last birthday (!!), so we got her a new, much larger one.  She is in love with it, and I'm glad that this one should last her a good while :)

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