Weekly Round Up (And Not-So-Exciting Updates)

9:50 AM

We've been living a pretty boring life lately, nothing much of worth to write about.  That's really been on my mind the past few days, so I think its time to change things up and get out more!

Alex got straight A's this quarter! Daddy gave her a monetary incentive to pull high grades, and she sure is following through!  Lance's report card is better in some areas, struggling in others.  Overall, he is doing better, but we challenged him to have no "Ns" (Needs Improvement) on his report card, and I know he can do it! He also met his reading goal for the quarter, which I challenged him to do last quarter, and he has been gloating over his major achievement :)

Last week was my birthday! I came into work with some beautiful flowers and balloons waiting for me, and of course that brought attention to me from every single customer.  I definitely felt special :) My girlfriend Theresa treated me to Mexican for lunch, and we had so much fun!

 Lance surprised me with beautiful roses and this not-so-beautiful birthday card.  I said that I must have mistakenly got someone else's card, since that sure wasn't mine!
As funny as the envelope was, it actually was just perfect....

since this is what he wrote on the inside <3

I love him!! He and the kids took me out to dinner to round out my perfect day. A simple birthday, but that is all I really wanted - a great day with my amazing family!

Speaking of birthdays, Alex's is coming up! Cinco de Mayo! We were trying to work on a party idea and I came up with a "Hollywood" theme since Alex really wanted to play dress up mostly.  I thought that would be an easy way to incorporate dress up without sounding to babyish.  

Little did I know that she actually did not like the idea or the invitations and waited nearly a week to tell me! She never gave out her invitations, and I'm glad that I didn't buy party supplies just yet. 

We are revamping the party idea (especially now that its getting a bit close to a "last minute" type of party), and now we are having a "girls day out" party instead.  She is inviting her 3 best friends and we we will go out of town to go shopping and to dinner (hibachi maybe?) and then the girls can play dress up all night :)

Lots of doggie pics! Suki fresh after her monthly grooming!

And wouldn't you know, right after her appointment, she started her bi-annual cycle. Blah.  We didn't have her doggie diaper from last time, and she WalMart (the only store open late) didn't have any, so we were stuck putting baby diapers on her! I loved it, I kept thinking she looked like a pet chimp :)

Every single time I would look at her, I couldn't help but crack up! Her tail is docked, and we call it her "nubbin." With her diaper on, her nubbin makes it look like she has a baby butt boner, lol!

I had to text this to Lance one night.  Zeus was expecting him to come home at a certain time (I swear he has a sense of time).  He sat there for about an hour, baby in mouth, waiting to greet Daddy.

I've been playing the "Draw Something" game on my iPhone a lot lately, and I thought it was hilarious that i had the world "bromance" to draw :)
Hey, just found out that bromance is a word, apparently.  My spell check isn't correcting it!  Hmm...

When the frozen lasagna box says to cook at a certain temperature, then obey! I just put Alex's vegetarian lasagna in the oven right after I finished ours, and I panicked when I discovered I sorta melted the plastic!

Our little garden Lance and I started is taking off! We are going to have a container garden, so I've been buying nice pots here and there while my little seedlings get bigger and the weather gets nicer.

We found a really neat strawberry container at Home Depot, so we picked that up.  
I looove strawberries!

 And I'm working on another Pinterest project! I can't wait to see how it turns out, I'll share when I'm done!

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