Holland Happening Parade

10:52 AM

This weekend was Oak Harbor's annual Holland Happening Parade, and we were really excited to go (it was our first one!)! Its a pretty big deal around here and the kids were going out of their minds watching the carnival rides being set up over the past few days.  

We went on Saturday with a friend of mine from work, and we stayed almost all day.  Though the weather was cloudy and chilly, that didn't stop us from getting sunburned! Yikes! The kids rode a bunch of rides, the grownups spent a bunch of money, and the family had a great time :)

Oh! And I finally found a great site to take the place of my beloved Picnic - its called Picmonkey.  I sort of had fun playing around with it, as you will be able to tell below :P

Luckily we live down the street from the carnival area, so we were able to just walk down there and save the hassle of parking.

The kids and my friend Theresa petting some horses. 

We brought Suki with us, and she obviously had a great time!

This area of Washington is very Dutch, and this parade celebrates the heritage of so many of the locals.

Here is my boss driving his 1932 Plymouth representing our bank! What a cool car!

There were many, many puppies working the parade!

Lots of businesses were in the parade handing out samples and flyers, including Starbucks.  I need one of those badass Starbucks jetpacks!

Apparently, the local tanning salon thinks my ten year old could use a tan... 

After the parade, we grabbed some food before the rides and walked around the street fair, where lots of vendors and local artists and crafters had booths set up.  There was also an "Art Walk" set up on the street, where art from a bunch of area schools were on display on storefront windows.  We found Alex's art :)

This year's theme was "The Year Of The Klompen," and we watched this gentleman create handmade klompens.  How neat!

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