Weekly Roundup

7:30 PM

Slacking again! Not intentionally - I've just been busy busy busy with work and home life, I just don't seem to play around on the computer as much! I should be proud of that fact, although I do miss updating here.  Need to get better about it...

Anyhoo!  Lets see what randomness I can share!

The other day when I dropped Lance Jr off at school after his (last!!) appointment, I noticed this board outside of the main office.  It is a bulletin board for kids who read above and beyond their goal - and there's my baby girl! Lance's goal is to get a star on the board for next quarter :)

(Rotten pic, I know) I've dealt with this horrid entertainment center for five years now.  These types were all they had when we moved to Japan and were desperate for one, so we broke down and spent $400 on this piece of furniture I loathed.  It can never stay clean and its just awful looking with all of the cords exposed. Its so ugly to me that I draped table cloths over it to try to dress it up a bit - ghetto, I know, but I have been desperate.  I swear I griped about this stupid thing every day for the past five years - I'm sure Lance tired of me complaining about it since day one.

Anyways, I was not intentionally looking for a new entertainment center when I came across the love of my life!! What a fluke chance, and we just SO happened to get our tax return the same day! I swear it was a message from the gods! Isn't she so beautiful??? *Sigh*  We mounted our tv and Lance finally bought a sound bar he's been yearning for, and I've bought some candles and flowers to put atop my gorgeous new "media stand," and I couldn't be happier!  I feel like a grown up now!

Just proving to the world how long his hair is getting. And how pretty he'd be if he were a girl.

My goober of a daughter decided to have a banana the other day, not realizing that you don't eat neon green bananas. So what does she do? Tape it back closed...

Alex's interpretation of the Mona Lisa, while waiting on our dinner at our new favorite restaurant Johnny Carino's 

Alex got a new fish tank for her room, and while we were waiting on the the WalMart associate to corral Alex's new fish, I noticed this lovely... home... tucked away on a shelf. *shudder*

So, Suki sleeps in Alex's room every single night, without fail.  However, as of late its been an issue because Alex has been spending the night at a friend's house nearly every weekend over the last few months.  This is generally what we see when Lance and I are on our way up to bed late Saturday nights - Suki standing confusedly waiting for Alex to go to bed as well.  We have never figured out where she does end up sleeping when Alex is gone...

A random picture of my truck from when it was hailing like crazy last weekend!

And finally, this is how I find Lance on our way up to bed this weekend. We told him we were watching a grown up show so we wanted his door shut so he wouldn't hear the animated language from Spartacus, and apparently he fell asleep while playing Pokémon.

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