Fin: The Final Chapter On Lance's Arm

7:46 PM

Lance had his final appointment last week regarding his arm.  Woohoo! We weren't sure if there would be more follow ups or not, but it looks like he's doing just dandy! Unfortunately, I don't have any copies of his final X-ray, but we have several copies of other visits (Lance keeps them in his special treasure box in his room, hehe).

My main concern for the doctor was whether or not he'd be able to participate in sports or swimming lessons just yet, but the doctor gave us the ok.  He said while his muscles might be a bit weaker than they normally would be, his bone is pretty strong now and has really calcified, so there shouldn't be any concern of  reinjuring it.  Thank goodness! It still freaks me out to see a lump on his arm knowing that is where the break was, but at least his bone has done marvelously at repairing itself, and although it healed slightly bent, you can already tell from his X-rays how much his new bone growth is compensating for the bend and it should correct itself over time.

Boys.  They really are a handful, aren't they?

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