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Are my posts getting sporadic or what? Geez!  Still not really hanging out much on the computer, which is always a good thing for me and the family, so I'm not trying to feel too badly about being on much - my online life seems to ebb and flow at times.

So what has been happening around here? Not too terribly much, just the same routine for the most part.  Lance Jr had another follow up appointment last week for his arm, and its coming along.  Last week I was really concerned about the way it is healing, but his doctor assured me that his arm is right on track, and his arm will correct itself in regards to how "bent" it is.  He said that he may always be able to feel a slight bend in his arm where the break was, and that is common.  There is a lot of new bone growth and his arm is really stable, and so he said he would have almost suggested to go ahead and take the brace off now, but he saw how concerned I was in regards to how it was coming along.  In two weeks time, the doctor said, we could take his brace off permanently and have another follow up in a month.  Over the past few days, however, we have been taking Lance's brace off in the evenings for him to get comfortable without the support and work on his mobility, and he just looooves his newfound freedom! He even took a shower all by himself finally, woohoo! He wants to keep his brace off all the time and he acts as if he never even broke his arm, but I'm still going to make him wear it at school, at least for the remainder of this week.

What else?  The weather has been crappy forever now - thats what I get for living in Washington.  We haven't really gone anywhere, both for the weather's sake and for my wallet's sake.  We got our taxes done last week, which was a huge weight off my shoulders, and now we are going to get caught up on bills and reevaluate our spending habits and try to start saving more.  We are in our thirties now... time to be grown ups!

I have started cross stitching again, and old hobby of mine that I pick up and put away here and there (one reason I'm not on the computer as much lately!). I bought a van Gogh pattern from Etsy (pic and link below), and I'm hoping to have this finished by Christmas and give it to Lance as a gift - its a huge pattern!  He really likes this painting (a big deal for a man who doesn't like art), and I thought that would be a very thoughtful homemade gift. Good thing he doesn't really read my blog - I don't have to worry about the gift spoiler :) Alex was really interested in learning to cross stitch, so Big Lance went and bought her her own loop and a cute, easy pattern, and she is just zooming right along!

van Gogh Starry Night pattern

Alex's monkey pattern
And finally - the reason for my off-color post title.  My husband has found a new love in his life.  She has stolen him away from me, and he spends all of his free time with her these days, and the kids are even smitten with this new lady.  Heck, I think she's pretty sexy myself.

Her name is Stella.

I stole these pics from Lance's FB page - I'm not one to take a picture of the "Hemi" logo on the hood.  Thats a man-thing, for sure.  We really needed a second vehicle but have been waiting to get one for a while, and it was finally time to bite the bullet.  Lance did his homework and figured out what he wanted and looked long and hard for a great deal.  Its an '09 Dodge Challenger, and he was able to get a nearly top-of-the-line model buying it used.  We've bought one car brand-spanking-new once, and though I loved that car, I don't think we'll ever buy brand new again - its just not worth it.

Anyways, needless to say, its a 6-speed, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you that I don't know how to drive a dang stick shift!  As I said earlier, the weather has been atrocious, so we've been waiting for a decent time to take me out to learn to drive it (on a side note, the weather did not stop Lance and his buddies from all washing, waxing, and detailing their new cars in the horrid weather... lol).  Monday night we went to the parking lot of a city park, and it was interesting, hehe.  I only stalled out once, but I still don't have the balance of the clutch/gas down quite yet.  I got a teensy weensy taste of the power of this beast of a car, and I can't wait to finally be able to drive Stella.

Well, that's whats been going on around here! Time to top off my coffee and finally get ready for work!

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