Heidi... Unplugged!

9:53 PM

Needless to say I ended up taking a computer hiatus for a bit. No particular reason, just sometimes being online too frequently makes me feel so out of touch with real life and burnt out in online life, so I just have to step away for a bit.  Like a vacation :)

Anyhow, here's a quick recap of what we've been up to!

Lance and his brace after bath time.  He's been into styling his hair lately :)
Lance's arm is coming along, I suppose.  I wish I felt a bit more confident in the way its healing, but I have to admit I have my concerns.  He is wearing a brace now, so I am able to take it off when need be, and I've noticed that when I do take it off of him for brief bath times, you can clearly see where the break in his arm is.  His arm isn't set as straight as it needs to be, and you can see and feel a lump at the break.  Tomorrow we have another follow up and X-rays, and Big Lance is sneaking out of work to tag along with me so he can listen in on what the doctor has to say.  It may be time to ask for a second opinion if I still feel unconfident - here's hoping!

Suki and Lance enjoying an amazing day at the park while the kids are off playing
The weather here has been all over the place! A few weeks back it was snowing like crazy, shutting the schools down for the entire week.  Last week was outrageously gorgeous and felt like spring was here, and we took advantage of it as much as we could - trying to go on walks a lot, visit a few parks we've never been to, and get the dogs out of the house as well.  This week we are back to reality - gloomy skies, drizzling rain and quite chilly.  Ah well.

We haven't really done much worth writing about otherwise, just our normal routine here.  We've seen some movies (most recently The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - time to read the series!).  This past weekend we went to a rock and gem show held in town, and the kids spent a bit of their allowance buying a few things for their collections (Alex has been collecting rocks since she was about 4 or 5, and Lance almost as long).  Apparently there is a kids' rock club in town, so I'm going to look into that.

Speaking of "looking into," I've been wanting to sign the kids up for various things, but keep getting held back.  Baseball and softball tryouts are soon, and Alex is wishy-washy over whether she wants to give it a try finally, and of course Lance just had to break his arm.  I'm not sure that signing up for baseball is the wisest idea :P  Swimming lessons go on year-round it seems, and I didn't sign Alex up this past session because I didn't want Lance to feel even more left out due to his injury.  I guess we'll learn more tomorrow about how his arm is coming along, and when thing should be going back to normal.

So - there you have it.  A pretty boring rundown about what we've been up to - or better yet, not really been up to :)  I think I'll be back to posting more regularly now - I miss writing to you guys!

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