Project 366: An Image A Day

11:42 PM

A photographer friend of mine posted on Facebook that she is doing a challenge again this year, one where she will take a picture each day of the year to share.  She has done it last Leap Year and really enjoyed her photo journal of 2008, and she challenged her friends to join her.

And here I am, accepting the challenge!  I tend to get overzealous with projects and ideas, so keep on me to keep these pictures coming! I'm not photographer by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy attempting to take decent pictures and learning along the way, and this challenge should force me to get out and find creative things to snap :)

I am a bit late starting (she just posted her challenge yesterday!) but I did happen to take pictures every single day this year but one!  Ok, that doesn't sound like such a feat considering today is only the fourth, but whatever :P  I'll add in a fairly recent picture to make up for it and continue on.

I will add a "page" to my blog to compile all of the links - I may add a linky party too if there seems to be interest.  Anyone else up to the challenge? I'd love to know and see yours!

**Edit to add - I created my separate page with links to my daily pictures, and I also included a link party!  My first ever, woohoo! Please check it out and share if you are doing the daily photo challenge, it would be neat to see what others are doing :)

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